The Cave 2013

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  • The Cave 2013 at Time Warp Mannheim 2013 © Katja Rupp
  • The Cave 2013
    Time Warp Stage Design 2013
    By name, "The Cave 2013" is the improvement of our last year's design "The Cave". It's based on the combination of texture elements, videoprojection, light technic and an optical surprise effect. A whole arsenal of moving heads and other illumination devices has found its way into the concept, being higly flexible and adjustable through a complex chain-linking of all elements.
    Concept: Atelier Kontrast
    Production: Time Warp
    Tech. specs.:
    - 56 x ROBIN LEDBeam 100s and 56 x ROBIN MMX Spots to be at the hub of the lighting rig, together with a smattering of LED-PARs and a bunch of strobes, working closely on the lighting elements 
  • The Cave 2013 in action at TW Mannheim ©
  • See more impression of The Cave 2013 below ©