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    My CV/Resume Mailer

    I was browsing through The New York Times archive over a morning coffee when I
    got hit with an interesting idea. "Why do all traditional publications look so.. traditional?"
    So I took the challenge of taking the formal qualities of a newspaper and translate it into
    something modern and elegant (but still maintain its authentic quality). It just so happened
    that this idea could create an interesting resume mailer that I was eager to begin.  With
    twenty weeks of school left for me, this all sounded like a great opportunity to hit the sketch-
    I consider myself a conceptual designerthat loves typography. With that said, wanted
    my CV to highlight my
    strengths so I focused on an interactive, conceptual design derived
    from clean type.


  • All the headlines in the publication were custom, newly created Typography. 
  • Professional & Well-Rounded. Yup.. that's me.
  • Lets have coffee.  First cup is on me.