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A large scale, custom type mural completed for the new Buffalo Dining Club in Darlinghurst, Sydney.
The Buffalo Dining Club
Hand Painted Art Installation
Whee-o, this was my first job for 2012 and the best way to start! I have a dinky movie and a grillion photos to get together of this but for now - here’s a gigantor piece I’ve just finished up at the Buffalo Dining Club on Surrey St, Darlinghurst. This thing is the biggest hand painted piece I've done to date, and thanks to the joy of stairwells there's no projections, tracing, just skillllz.

A big thanks to Marcelo for letting me take over his site, Matt for getting me in on the job and Marcio for sticking out his hangovers so I can have decent footage.
Photo credits: Marcio Puga and Buffalo Dining Club