• the Bubbadons
    The Bubbadons are giant creatures that inhabit the Icy Wastes of the deep North. Because of their large size they can be frightening, but they are actually just a very friendly and social people. Living in a spectacular iceberg city, where they build elaborate igloos and ice slides. they have banquets inside the iceberg, along with thermal pools and musical concerts. The Bubbadons are very fond of vodka and dark heavy music. It is said that in ancient times a primitive tribe of Bubbadons found all the instruments of a Black Metal band buried in ice. Since then, the Bubbadons have been making their own instruments and playing metal together.
    The Bubbadons eat 10 tons of raw salmon every day.
  • "Iceburg Igloos"
    The Bubbadons live in iceberg-cities made ​​almost entirely of ice. Their houses are round and cozy igloo, built with ice blocks as hard as rocks. the interiors are always decorated with colorful ice, crystals, glass and precious metals.
    acrylic paint on wood, 30 x 20 cm