The Brett Weston Archive

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  • The Brett Weston Archive is a one-of-a-kind collective by the prolific photographer Brett Weston. Son of photographer, Edward Weston, Brett’s images are awe-inspiring and truly unparalleled. Weston’s approach was not based on the content of the image; but, rather composition, focusing on shape and line to create breath-taking abstract images.
    Over the course of his career, Weston cultivated a staggering body of work; however, after printing each image, Weston would destroy his negatives, ensuring that each print was innately unique. Christian Keesee saw the importance of preserving the archive and, upon Weston’s death in 1993, purchased it from the estate.
    Today, the Brett Weston Archive represents the largest collection of Weston's work in existence. It serves as a resource for museum, galleries and collectors worldwide. When Ghost was contacted to create a new brand and site for The Brett Weston Archive our goal was to create a mark that was clear and distinctive and a responsive site that beautifully showcased Weston's work. More importantly, we wanted to design and develop a site that would serve as a practical database for the archive.