The Borrower Arrietty

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  • The Borrower Arrietty
    Inspired by the animated movie of the same title
  • Of all the Studio Ghibli movies I’ve seen so far, The Secret World of Arrietty remains my favorite. Look it up! —>
    My newest watercolor painting to date, is a homage to this excellent piece of animation. I based the painting on one of the movie’s famous scenes, wherein Arrietty is shown amongst the flowers.
  • A little background on why Im doing fanart this time around: I used to be a BIG fan of anime fifteen years ago, even making my own geocities website where I used to upload gouache drawing of favorite characters from various anime series. Anime is partly the reason why I am drawing and painting now; it is also responsible for teaching me how to use photoshop and illustrator and all that.
    Although my illustration style now is worlds away from what I used back then, I am not averse to making fanart from time to time for a movie that is really inspires me.
  • I drew the character of Arrietty in my own style, but in the composition of the famous scene. I also replaced the toon flowers with references from actual flowers.
  • Getting her hair right was a little tricky. I am still not sure whether I should have made her hair brown red rather than orangey brown.
  • Of course, the guys over at Studio Ghibli are the best, and I can only humbly hope that I did a bit of justice to Arrietty’s character.