The Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear

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  • The brief was to illustrate The Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear.
    I developed an illustration style using the mixed medias of fine liners, printing ink, water colours and collage materials such as lace and textured wallpapers. My concept was to create contmeporary illustrations combined with small elements of the victorian era in which Lear’s work was written.

    The page is a concertina fold, which folds outwards to reveal the illustrations and limericks. I chose 5 limericks in which to illustrate and organised them onto my page into male and female characters.
    One side of the book is portrait orientated, but when flipped over it becomes landscape. The illustrations based around the female characters fold out to be landscape whilst on the reverse of the page the illustrations based around the males flow portrait. This idea was based around the 'topsy turvy' strange nature of Lear and his limericks, not always making sense, or being straight forward but allowing the reader to read them in any way they want to perceive them. The separation of the male and female characters on either side of the fold out page also refers back to the victorian era where the different genders where segregated, with different entrances to the schools etc. 

    This was the first project this year where I had chosen an illustration brief. I really enjoyed it and wanted to get stuck into some hand drawn hand made work, experimenting with different materials, and not passing off the opportunity to make some mess.