The Bonington Gallery

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    The Bonington Gallery, based within Nottingham Trent University, delivers a cultural programme of exhibitions, events and publications, to encourage student engagement and enable public involvement with the work of the University and the wider discourses of Art, Design and Visual Culture.

    The brief is to develop the branding and identity of the Bonignton Gallery, and increase people’s awareness of the gallery both within the University and to encourage more external visitors to attend exhibitions.
    The Bonington Gallery is a single space (cube) which is defined by eight points in space. By connecting these points the space could be divided and redefined in various ways, which serves as a visual metaphor of the diverse events taking place inside the gallery. It also suggests the dynamic and open atmosphere of the Gallery. Five types of events are represented by five different spacial arrangements, while other possibilities are explored in promotional materials such as posters and publications.
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