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An unused illustrative pitch for the cover of a surf magazine, called, "The Bomb."
The Bomb
Proposed Cover Illustration for a Surf Magazine
)"The Bomb" is a surf magazine that sent out a challenge to all its subscribers saying that, they wanted to produce an "art" issue, and if you sent in your work and it was good enough, it could grace the cover.
The theme was the magazine's byline, "Every surfer gets it."

This is my submission.

While the "art" issue has been held back a little - and who knows when it may happen - I nevertheless had immense fun putting this piece together, with all its various elements. I hope you enjoy it too.

[Stock credit]
I used some of my own photos from my visit to uShaka Marine World, as well as sourced from the Net; notably the central character from Katanaz-Stock on deviantART (

Note: I'm all for copyright protection on the internet, so I hope that no one would mind that I possibly used one or two pieces here in this piece below - since it was a proof, and not a final piece that went into production. Working under time constraints and without readily available images on hand, I can completely understand people - such as myself - using the images of others to assemble working proofs... thereafter the onus - and due responsibility - of the designer is to reassemble the piece with imagery that IS alright to be used in a final piece... without cheating or affronting anyone else in the design community.