The Blue Threadbare Valentine

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  • Personal for our ladies.
  • For our ladies (the one we will meet as well) so that they will never become our blue valentines. Digital Paining plus some 3D stuff (zbrush and cinema4d) – inspired by “Blue Valentine” and some Corey Taylor lyrics.

    "We are sewn inside the fabric that is holding us together
    We can only pray that something so tragic will save us all

    Oh in all this time
    I never wanted to destroy a dream come true
    And all this time
    I never wanted to destroy someone like you
    I want you to stay
    So give me a sign
    Give me your hand
    I’ll take you home..."
    Stone Sour "Threadbare"

    Dedicated to Sophie – well.. she doesn’t exist, but I canimage that if she would – she would would have dark eyes, dark hair and gorgeoussmile (like her mom). So that’s for you Sophie.
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