The Blue Devils of Blue River Avenue

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  • Blue Devils of Blue River Avenue by Poe Ballantine
    (read it here)

    A great short story that is worth the read!

    Watercolor and ink, 15 x 6"

    The starkness of the text was so strong, I decided on a more whimsical illustration to complement it.
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  • I used salt on watercolor to create a distressed effect.

    The way the watercolors bled into each other reminded me of bruises.
  • My preliminary work:
  • - - - - - - -

     A smaller piece to go with the same story

    6 x 6" in ink
  • Every Night and every Morn,
    Some to Misery are Born;
    Every Morn and every Night,
    Some are born to Sweet Delight;
    Some are born to Sweet Delight,
    Some are born to Endless Night.
    - William Blake

    I based the smaller illustration on the idea that the households that each child grew up in determined their fate.

  • I illustrated the two main characters as little house-children playing hopscotch,
    unaware of the big house falling from above that is about to crush them.
  • The blue-devil community, to me, seemed indifferent to the evil in their midst.
    I chose to depict the surrounding houses with stony texture, dry and cold.
  • thank you for reading!