The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories: Book Illustration

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  • The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories
  • A project for the House of Illustration/Folio Society competition brief to illustrate "The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories" by Angela Carter.
  • The Cover

    The brief was for a cover that would suit printing on fabric, which is the usual process of the Folio Society. Therefore the design consists of block shapes and colours.
  • The Illustrations

    The brief was for illustrations from the stories "The Bloody Chamber," "In the Company of Wolves," and "Puss in Boots." These pieces were developed from experimentation with paper figure photography leading to a happy accident where the shadows of the figures started looking increasingly interesting. In the end, I decided to build the images with these shadows instead of the figures themselves.

  • “And I still felt no fear, no raising of the hairs on the back of the neck, no prickling of the thumbs.”

  • “They will be like shadows, they will be like wraiths, grey members of a congregation of nightmare; hark! his long, wavering howl…an aria of fear made audible.”

  • “A big black beastie weaves its way towards us over the turkey carpet, Puss, pounce!”