The Black Book & Note Book 2012
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The handbook and notebook created for the 5th SA Innovation Summit held at the Forum in Johannesburg.
The Black Book & Note Book 2012
SA Innovation Summit
Black Book & Note Book
The SA Innovation Summit (SAIS) hosted its first conference in 2008 and has been growing steadily ever since. The 5th SA Innovation Summit 2012 brought together leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world.
K&i branded the years event under the theme ‘Leading Innovation – Africa's Competitive Edge’, using a handmade creative approach. The branding included various touchpoints such as website, newsletters, posters, banners, documents, invitations, and the conference handbook.
The handbook edition was designed as a box set inclusive of a separate handbook and notebook. The handbook, named ‘The Black Book’, included a page for each of the 66 speakers, an industry directory as well as a helpful key in choosing which seminars to go to, which also functioned as the contents page.
The concept for the Note Book was developed around the values of ‘inspiring’, ‘interactive’, ‘playful’, and ‘useful’ and included inspiring quotes, creative additions, interesting facts and interactive pages.
The Black Book & Note Book was awarded with Behance Editorial Design Served, and honoured as a 2013 Loeries finalist in the publication category.