The Birthplace, Maternity Hospital, Branding

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  • The Brief – To design an identity for a maternity hospital. The Birthplace was the name generated for the
    brand which was not to be seen as a hospital but as a place where emotions, relationships and moments are brought to life. A birthplace is about birth at many levels. The birth of a child in turn gives life to many, myriad relationships - the birth of a Mother, of a Father, of hope, of new beginnings, of an all new journey; among other 'births.’ 

    Design strategy – A simple, fluid, letter B features a line that connects the outer protuberance of the letter to
    the blossoming heart inside representing the life growing within. A delicate symbolism of the deepest, strongest bond on earth – that of mother and child connected by the nurturing Umbilical cord. The identity in some explorations indicates the progression of the baby over 9 months in the gradual blossoming of the heart motif
    in size till birth, when it is no longer within its Letter B womb, but outside: a living, breathing entity.
    In Collaboration with: Medium Healthcare Consulting
  •                Illustraions: Pulak Bhatnagar
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