The Big Beginning

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  • A worldwide catastrophe is moving through timeline across the two canvases,starting with the horror and fear brought by the terrorist attack with explosions,wounded,death,all the elements of the apocalypse are here. The second canvas represents a post-war era where war and terror finished and although the marks  of the war still can be seen there is this calm atmosphere resembling a forgotten, death city at the bottom of  the ocean.
    The end of this timeline presents the light which is falling over  the Virgin Mary and little Jesus as a sign of the new era and of the endless human faith and hope. This  work presents the cycle of happiness and misfortune and vice versa, the good which would not existed without the evil. This cycle of things makes as aware of the value of things which we might lose whenever The Big Bang starts. And  we all know that The Big Bang is also The Big Beginning. 
  • The Big Beginning I
  • Exhibition for Young Visual Artists Annual Award DENES 2008
    Museum of the City of Skopje, Macedonia
  • The Big Beginning II