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Inspired by the world's great department stores, it's The Ben The Illustrator Store!
I've been selling prints and products for around 6 or 7 years now, under different names to different markets using different online stores.  Just recently however I decided to bring together all my prints and products in one store, much like a department store, I've always enjoyed a walk around the great department stores, Libertys, Bloomingdales, Selfridges, so why not have my own?!  So here it is, one store, multiple departments selling all manner of artwork from postcards to cushions to children's books to fine art prints and more!
I'd love for you to enjoy a browse of my new store, and tell your friends!
Fabric products, we have a new set of bags coming thie Summer 2013 too!
The AlleyCats fine art prints, one for everyone!
From the archives, Speakerdog poster are now available again!
Nature inspired art-prints, where my passion for the outside world crosses paths with the output from my studio!