The Beauty Of A Second is a short-film contest presented by Wim Wenders, born to celebrate the invention of the chronograph 190 years ago. The task of Montblanc's initiative is to capture beauty in a one-second-long video.
  • 190 years ago, Nicolas Rieussec recorded time to an accuracy of a fifth second for the first time - the chronograph was born. To celebrate this unique invention, Montblanc is announcing the one-of-a-kind "The Beauty of a Second" short-film contest presented by the famous film director Wim Wenders.

    Your challenge as a video artist is to "seize the moment". Everyone - professionals, amateurs, cell-phone camera enthusiasts -- is invited to capture a one-second long moving picture. The subject can be anything you consider beautiful: a smile, a child's face, a flower, a piece of the world around you, as long as the video lasts only one second. Capture your second beauty now and get the chance to win a Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph. Watch the video above for further information. 

    Don't forget: Every second counts.
  • 60 seconds of beauty submitted by users to the first round of The Beauty Of A Second short film contest.

    Enter the 3rd round now: http://www.montblanconesecond.com/ (Deadline is the 13th of December.)

    Create your own playlist on the site or upload your second of beauty to participate in the next round now. 20 videos will be shortlisted from each of the three rounds to be judged by Wim Wenders in the grand final. 
  • Agency:                                       Leo Burnett Milan, Italy.
    Group Creative Directors:      Paolo Dematteis & Riccardo Robiglio 
    Copywriter Supervisor:             Francesco Simonetti                
    Digital Creative Director:           Paolo Boccardi                         
    Copywriter:                                  Markus Johansson        
    Art director:                                 André Gidoin         
    Art director:                                 Massimiliano Bibbo                
    Production house:                     Silbersee film
    Director:                                       Wim Wenders 
    D.O.P.:                                         Christof Wahl 
    Photography /Timelapse:          Donata Wenders
    Exec. Producer :                       Wiebke Schuster 
    Producer:                                    Michael Tettenborn
    Editor:                                         Toni Froschhammer
    Music:                                         Marcus Loeber
    Web Developer:      Gabriele Vinci