Shinobi ẻt Yoshimi 忍び よしみ Japand Me

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  • Shinobi Yoshimi is Indonesian character dsgn bAND as a brAND formed early 2012.

     #Shibuyakei #kawaii #seksi #skoyy Revival est 2012 #SKOYY handmade crafted by artviji
    a truly homage to shibuyakei - yeye - japand indonesia popculture and 60s baroque pop

    Shinobi Yoshimi. character dsgn bAND as a brAND by Feelgood RVG, inc
    "japand me" is their first studio album which become the coffeetable moodboard art book by Feelgood RVG, inc
    this is a teaser and their brand identity, hope you like it! Arigato gozaimazu!