The Babyshambles Sessions

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    PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Babyshambles Sessions were a series of studio recordings made by The Libertines a few months before their imminent breakup. Peter Doherty, much to the distain of his songwriting partner, Carl Barat, made the sessions available for free download as a parting farewell. The Sessions, although available only through an electronic medium and at times, of poor recording quality, were a revealing collection of acoustic and rough versions of familiar and new songs. The intimate nature of the recording session endeared the band to its fans and propelled Doherty to super stardom.

    PROCESS / FORMAT 3050 hand-coloured 1 X 1 cm squares--using Pantone Tria markers on Lambda duraflex medium. The hand-coloured squares represent the sharp contrast of the digital medium of the sessions versus the acoustic content.

    SIZE 58cm X 99cm
    DATE 12 / 2005