• The Astrozodiac Calendar is the second poster in our Calendar themed poster series. The design is based on Josef Manes's calendar which is located under Prague's Astronomical Clock, that depicts the twelve zodiac signs alongside with rural life scenes from Prague. Each scene in the calendar can be related to the agricultural tasks that took place in that particular month in Prague. The Astrozodiac Calendar features a redesign of the twelve zodiac signs, alongside with illustrations that portray scenes from ancient Greek mythology and mythological creatures, in contrast to Mones's scenes of rural life. The illustrations are based on myths that were about Gods, heroes and monsters, which were given to each constellation by the ancient Greeks along with their names.
    Next to the days' numbering in his calendar, Manes noted the Saints' holidays. In the Astrozodiac Calendar the numbering is replaced by the moon's phases for the year 2014. Manes used Prague's Castle as the main element for his calendar composition, whereas in the Astrozodiac Calendar this has been replaced by the Sun, quite suitable, considering that the position of the celestial body of the Sun on someone's day of birth, is what defines that person's zodiac sign. The Sun's design is based on the Ancient Greek drama masks aligned with the design style of the mythological scenes. Located at the bottom of each poster is a summary for each zodiac sign myth, as described by the ancient Greeks. The general layout of the Astrozodiac Calendar is designed with art nouveau elements.
    The Astrozodiac title as well as the names of the months were written using the "xayax" font designed by Peter Wiegel, which also follows the art nouveau style. The Astrozodiac Calendar's dimensions are 70x100 cm and it was printed using the silkscreen printing method. For the printing process we used various types of papers, as well as metallic / spot color inks.

    Design: Corn Studio
    Silkscreen Print : Erato & Tind
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