The Alter Dark / 00 Project

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  • The Alter Dark
    Zero Zero Project / Black Material

  • Project Curator:
    Jens Karlsson

    VGroup, 00

    I have been asked to create a short video that drives inspiration from Robert Knoke's artworks. After looking at the Robert Knoke's work I got very inspired by the abstract note as well as the contrast connection between black and white colors which I have used to set the foundation of my motion expression. Base of the storyline is the personification of human emotion as a living entity through space and time.

    Music Credits:
    Audio Essentials

    Model, Make up, Stage & Set design:
    Tanja Stojanovic

    Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm 1.2 L, 100mm 2.8 L, GlideTrack, 580ex

    More about project:

    Big thanks & kudos
    goes out to my wife Tanya!