The Alcohol Roll and The Boiling Water Roll

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  •  The Alcohol Roll
  • Out of 39 shots of film from the dipped in isopropyl alcohol canister of film these are the only ones that are clear and actually any good or mediocre, because I am only proud of the shot of clock and lamppost, but that would mean that everything else I shot is crap, nope just mediocre.
  •  The Boiling Water Roll
  • Haze, that is all dipping your film in hot water will give you. There is a neat effect to it, but I seem to have overdone it because these are the only decent pictures in the roll, and they are a continuation of my obsession with power lines.
  •  So concludes the life of my Canon AE-1 (aka Japhy). After shooting one last, clean and undestroyed roll of film the gear (the one that guides the film into the spool of the camera) gave way for good. My first film camera is now gathering dust in the glass display of a Quiapo camera store, the one I traded him in for the replacement a Yashica TL Electro X (aka Marie).