• The Abstract
  • This is a project I conducted in Bozeman, Montana. I toured around town with nothing more than a functioning photo booth and some post cards, visiting different venues in order to interact with the various demographics and audiences. Purely audience driven, I wanted the participants to define and give meaning to this fleeting experience, this artistic moment to be a part of something bigger, The Abstract. I encouraged people to leave their mark and legacy by writing something-anything- on the booth before they returned to their daily routine. Some anonymously sent a postcard back with their thoughts on their abstract experience. Over 300 individuals involved themselves in this project. From infant to elder, The Abstract manifests an engaging culmination of positive words, mindful wisdom, and genuine photos that document the experience as a whole. 

    As conductor of this orchestral experience, I built, designed, hand lettered custom type, silk screened, and printed all components for The Abstract.
  • printing the project logo onto the booth
  • First set of silk screen post cards
  • stickers placed and defined on the booth
  • handmade accordion book featuring photos and thoughts from the project
  • custom hand lettered type