The A21 Campaign [re-branding]

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  • The A21 Campaign
    The A21 Campaign is an organization that focuses on ridding the world of the terrible injustice that is human trafficking. My goal was to rebrand and readjust the visual language of the current overly grungy and depressed style. While the grunge does reflects the horrible conditions of the women and girls that are trafficked I wanted to refocus the branding effort. Inspired by the success of Invisible Children's branding I want the visual language to inspire instead of depress people to spread the word about slavery that plagues the 21st century. Simplifying the design and adding brighter more positive colors gives a bolder confident approach to the efforts of this amazing organization.

  • I wanted to make the website more accessible, and interactive. Before A21 I didn't realize that the human trafficking occurs locally, not just in Eastern Europe. Therefore I wanted the presence of a map where you can click on anti-human trafficking organizations in your city. I also wanted to give visitors the opportunities to feel as though they are apart of the movement hence the "sign the petition" button at the top. Another aspect of great importance was the record of persecuted trafficking victims that would appear in a live feed on the homepage of the site. 
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