• The 66
    The 66 is a background project I've had for a while.

    It contains one canvas for each book of the Bible, and one verse from that book randomly selected, with a background randomly generated.

    My process involved setting up a simple template on InDesign, using a random gradient generator in Photoshop for the border, using two random number generators for the book chapter and book, and a series of procedurally generated fractal images for the backgrounds.

    I wanted to do something like this, with so many varying elements, so that through it, perhaps God could sway everything without my interference. 
    I did not changed any colour combinations or verses that popped out; each element is as random as the next. Hence, some of the verses you may read aren't exactly the type that your grandmother would stitch into a pillow, but may be applicable to you or I nonetheless.

    Some, though, have come out really nicely. Nice verses, nice backgrounds, nice borders.
    I guess you could say that God is really in the details.
  • If you would like one done for yourself, with a verse of your choice, just let me know. The original files are large enough to print at A0 size.  =)