The 1920s in Berlin

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  • The reenact of the 1920s in Berlin.

    It is a celebration of what mean that time for the city, since it was an enchanting time. It was considered by many to be decadent, but for others it was a celebration of life, inspiring art on many different forms. Furthermore, the unique look of the people of the 1920s has survived on people's minds.

    The fascination for that period has sparked many parties and events that reenact this period on Berlin nowadays.
    This project aims to capture the glow and magic of these particular events through a series of photographs.
    For gear details and more, see the text below the photographs.
  • These photography are instant ones. I chose Black and White film because how it looks combined with the clothes of the people and this time in history. The film is Impossible Film.
    My gear is a basic Polaroid camera disguised on a black box mounted on a real 20's tripod. I do not use the camera's built-in flash, but I use a light pointed towards the subjects.
    The camera, light choice, subjects' clothes and attitudes, and the Black and White (and sometimes Sepia) film combined with the variation of backgrounds, gives the unique look that transport me and the subjects to another time. The nature of Impossible films makes every shot unique and unexpected. Instead of the perfect photo composition, what I aim for is uniqueness.
    Some of these shots I give to the people, some I keep. This is a series of shots I keep, and that I look forward to expand.
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