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moataz elsayed
Moataz is a Graphic Designer  from Egypt with about 5 years of experience.
Featured in

-Photohop Creative Magazine (Published on 17 November 2011 in the UK)
- ARISE Magazine  (Feature - My "Proud to be Egyptian" design)
-ArtRange (My 3D works post handpicked by Artrange team)
- African Digital Art (Egyptian design for the Egyptian revolution 2011)
- ArtisNavi (Featured Artist - The SpotLight)

-TutorART website ( Featured Artist )
- Daily Inspiration website ( Featured Artist )
- website ( Featured Artist )
- BoxedIndesign (Interview)
- Abduzeedo Daily inspiration series no. ( 631 - 646 - 649 - 689 - 726-942) website (Featured Artist)
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- 1stwebdesigner   -  (Breathtaking Deviantart Web Designs of October 2010)
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- SJ33 Chinese website ( featured Artist )
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- SmartPress Blog (wallaper of the week 34 - Creativity bulb design) (Creativity Bulb wallpaper - feature) (e-Magazine)
My "Ayesha" design featured & published on Photoshop Creative Magazine (on 17 Novemeber 2011 in UK)

Moataz Elsayed tells us how he created his Ayesha image using Photoshop, his favorite program. Moataz is a Graphic designer from Egypt, Moataz confesses that he has no specific style. Instead, he seeks to give each design a Special & unique visual view

As Muslims, we love our Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him & Aeysha so much. Aeysha was the youngest and favorite wife of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) .. So, I created this piece to express my admiration, " Moataz says about this image.

Moataz Says "I used these colors to express our love and include small details like wing and hearts to give a deeper meaning to the piece"

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Egyptian designer Moataz Elsayed illustrations
Egyptian designer Moataz Elsayed illustrations

 Egyptian works of designer Moataz Elsayed - Graphic Design