Textile Infograph

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  • The town of Devanahalli, originally situated outside the city limits of Bangalore, Karnataka on the NH7 (national highway) has in the recent past come under focus due to the construction of the new international airport in 2008. This occurance has led to a large number of lifestyle changes in the daily lives of the inhabitants of this town. It is through the present of a place you can trace what economic, social, cultural, religious influences have affected the place. The present is a window into the past.
    This project looks at a lane inside the Devanahalli fort walls, which is extremely rich whn you consider its history and the evident changes that have taken place over the years. I chose to show this diversity through a hand crafted stole. It shows the nine stages in the lane- the flower and fruit market, newer shops, old shops, marvadi traders bling, more shops, primarily residential area, fort area, blue and green houses and temples all appearing in succession in the lane. The difference in the stages is depicted through the colour palettes, embellishments, embroidery and painting. 
  • Moodboarding : Photographic representation of the lane.
  • Final stole : A textural walk through the lane.