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    The collection will run under the topic of discovering new worlds, so I used the key element to connect the various designs.
    Hope you like them anyways!
  • NO 1.

    Geometric shapes and typography making up the word „andromedar“ also known as galaxy m31, one of our twin galaxies in the universe.
  • 1.) Initial design // Colored version (White T-Shirt) // Desaturated version (Lavender T-Shirt)
  • NO. 2
    "Black Holes"

    Stylized web of blackholes holding together different universes and planes of existence, including newton`s famous equation on how to calculate the mass of a black hole.
  • 1.) Initial Artwork // Positive version (White T-Shirt) // Negative version (Black T-Shirt)
  • NO. 3
    "Crystal Skull"
    Illustration showing one of the famous and mysterious crystal skulls in the making. the 13 main skulls have recorded over 15.000 years of wisdom on planet earth and are used to access the same information
  • 1.) Initial Artwork // Positive version (White T-Shirt) // Negative version (Black T-Shirt)
  • NO. 4
    Showing the different brainwave functions and the according realms the dream-consciousness can access while sleeping.
  • 1.) Initial Artwork // Blue Version (White T-Shirt)
  • NO. 5
    "Enhance & Intensify"
    "Enhance and intensify one`s vision of that synthesis of truth and beauty which is the highest and deepest reality". (OVID)
  • 1.) Initial Artwork // Violet version (Dark-Grey T-Shirt) // Green version (White T-Shirt)
  • NO. 6
    "Key to the Kosmos"

    just a mysterious koan to ponder on and wonder about.
  • 1.) Initial Artwork // Positive version (White T-Shirt)
  • NO. 7
    "The Temple"
    Man has built temples of knowledge for thousands of years; some secret, some very obvious, providing their occupants with the deeper understanding of the cosmos.
  • 1.) Initial Artwork // Pink version (Grey T-Shirt) // Yellow version (Light-brown T-Shirt)
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