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Invitation, promotional material and music video for International Pow Wow Luncheon
International Pow Wow Convention
For three consecutive years, The Texas Department of Tourism has hosted the luncheon event at the International Pow Wow Convention. For their final year they really wanted to make a big impact and make sure attendees left with Texas on their minds.

Our task was to develop an invitation and give-away piece that could work with the convention's theme of sustainability. We were also put in charge of coming up with the luncheon's feature entertainment.

The solutions was an invitation and handy giveaway all wrapped in one. Following the theme of sustainability we created travel wallets from old Texas Tourism billboards giving the attendees the opportunity to take a little piece of Texas back home with them and on their future travels.

As for the entertainment, we brought on the local Texas cover band, Lone Star Attitude, that specializes in all the greatest hits by Texas artists. To introduce the band we created a short music video dubbed with a Lone Star Attitude original, specially made for the event. The video portrays the band meeting up for a road trip (in a classic white Caddy, no less) and driving through various Texas landscapes on their way to their next gig at the International Pow Wow Convention. The band arrives at the back stage entrance, just in the nick of time, as their name is being announced to the audience, and suddenly they appear on stage.