Temptations Canada – KittyCat Hijack

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  • Temptations Canada – KittyCat Hijack
  • Objective:
    Increase the online reach of Temptations Canada.

    Temptations Treats are so irresistible, that when you shake a bag, real cats will come out from hiding.

    What about online? What would happen if we brought the same shake of the bag from the commercials online. KittyCat Hijack can bring quirky internet cats out of hiding, and onto any page.

    Agency: Proximity Canada
    Art Director: Jon MacArthur
    Copywriter: Shiran Teitelbaum
    Director, Creative Technology: Jeff Vermeersch
    Creative Director: Dave Stevenson
    Producer: Jessica Valentini
    Project Manager: Kristie Fillipoppoulous
    Account Supervisor: Megan Epstein

    2013 Marketing – Bronze
    2012 Caples – Bronze 
    2012 ADCC Silver – Interactive Advertising
    2012 FWA Shortlist
  • KittyCat Hijack Case Study
  •  Facebook Tab
    The KittyCat Hijack bookmarklet is installed through a Facebook tab.
  • KittyCat Hijack Unleashed on US Weekly.
    Go to any webpage with a good mixture of images and text, load up the bookmarklet. Each time you click to shake the bag, more crazy cats take over your page.

  • KittyCat Hijack Unleashed on Modern Dog
    We even built in replacements to take over common ad sizes like Leaderboards and Big Boxes.

  • KittyCat Hijack on Amazon
    Giant over-the-page paw hi-5s have been known to happen.