Ted Baker

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  • D&AD Competition - Ted Baker
    Ted Baker is continuing its plan for global growth, with new locations opening in China, Japan, the USA and the Middle East – each time taking a little bit of Britain with them.
    Your campaign will need to activate potential shoppers to visit Ted Baker stores and Ted Baker online; interact with the brand; and most importantly to shop and share.
    My campaign takes Ted Baker to Hong Kong. 
    The theme is to paint the town red blue and white (british colours obviously) getting shoppers intrigued...
    The idea of splattered paint and stencil shapes was inspired by street art in UK and the artist Banksy.
  • These are what the invitations would look like when given out to the publc 
  • On the day of opening the new store, all customers are given a Ted Baker Goody Bag which includes a keyring, a sweet rock, body spray and a 25% discount voucher on their next shop
  • Grab your free Goody Bag today! ;)
    Thank you for looking!