Ted Baker - Ted's Great American Dressing-up Box

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  • Ted Baker is continuing its plan for global growth, with new locations opening in China, Japan, the USA and the Middle East – each time taking a little bit of Britain with them. When opening a new location in another country, it’s not easy for a brand like Ted to translate its unique cultural flavour.
    This campaign aims to bring its British sense of humour and unique approach to fashion to another country. It will need to activate potential shoppers to visit Ted Baker stores and Ted Baker online; interact with the brand; and most importantly, to shop and share. Ted’s not one to ‘pigeonhole’ its customers. If pushed however, its core audience is supremely stylish, confident, down-to-earth men and women aged 25-35… but always young at heart.
    My campaign takes Ted Baker to America. Taking old style 1930’s America and adding a British comical twist creating Ted’s Great American Dressing-Up Box. I used a combination of old American archetypes and famous figures to create silhouettes that shoppers can play dress-up, both in store and online.
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