Technology Addiction Concept

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  • Technology Addiction Concept:
    "Technology addiction, such a real addiction"
  • The Creative Chalange:
    Create a campaign that informs and raises the public awareness of technology addiction as a serious public health issue that affects the mental health and personal relationships.
    The Message:
    Technology addiction, such a real addiction
    The Solution:
    The campaign shows the written letters on the keyboard made out of cocaine powder.
    The visual connection in the campaign is made between two well-known visual objects:
    1- The white symbols and letters that are printed on the keyboard keys, for example: the “@” symbol and video games symbol.
    2- The cocaine powder: a strong visual object representing addiction.
    The Final piece of work:
    Twoprints and one magazine ad
  • Prints:
  • Ad number 1: Internet addiction such a real addiction
  • Print ad #1
  • Ad number 2: Game addiction such a real addiction
  • Print ad #2
  • The process :)
  • Magazine Ad:
    I created print of a labtop . All the letters and the symbols on the keyboard of the lapbtop has been erased digitally. On the screen of the laptop there is a small pack full of white powder that looks like the cocaine powder and next to the pack has been written "We have collected all the letters in this pack".
    Hani Douaji