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Team Project
Teague Masterclass Project

Responsibility as a leader to design the process for a 3 day project. The challenge was to create a process which could yield maximum result from phases such as analysis, finding opportunities,creation of requirement sheet, creativity, checkpoints with TEAGUE professionals, selection of a relevant solution and refinement of the concept.
Under the guidance of Benoit Colette and Jason Pi from Teague we concluded that noise pollution is one problem which could be tackled. Though noise pollution is not a short term threat to safety , it is a recurring problem for several users in various environments.

Noise pollution would increase in multiple folds by 2016 as India is booming in terms of development. Traffic jams and overcrowding would result in increased noise pollution. Hence tackling noise pollution was a RELEVANT OPPORTUNITY for TEAGUE.

 Problem Mapping after the creation of a user scenario.
Problems were identified and brought into the scenario at various environments and time intervals.
 An overview of the entire user scenario analysis with PROBLEMS and OPPORTUNITIES
Creativity commencement
Created 3 dimensional moodboards for the team in order to ensure as designers no aspect is left out while creating solutions. 3 solids were created for the following aspects with relevant images and thoughts:
Above you can find 2 videos which communicates our direction of perception of noise. In a similar fashion our headphone records the noise into different layers and fuses them to create rhythmic noise.