Tazo Tea

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  • Tazo Tea
    Long Copy Ad Series 
  • Half size, Print Ads
    This series of 3 is based off of three times of the day when you need Tazo tea. (The front of page is the ad with the image/short text paired with the back of the page, which displays the longer text after the flip the page over) The target audience is specifically students, so they can easily relate to the problems being presented: being haggard, having to study, and an inability to maintain focus because of lack of sleep. Tazo is the only solution. The situations were written to create a personal connection with the viewer and Tazo. These human truths keep the campaign memorable.
    The simplistic photos were taken to represent the idea of serenity and peace that is associated with tea. Also the font choice was picked because of another stereotype, that the older generation drinks tea. There is also an association with sewing and that generation therefore relating yet again to tea. But this time refreshing the ‘Old ladies drink tea.’ mentality and flipping it to ‘The young, also drink tea.’