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This magazine spread was created for a college assessment, only the documents were supplied. This was not printed, only submitted on issuu.
Brand + Brief
TAYLOR MAGAZINE is a monthly publication for the curious creative, the young and young at heart. The primarily Australian readership seeks a magazine that covers intelligent topics, interesting personalities, quirky trends, creativity, connections, fashion, words and music.
Mo’Shani has been commissioned to create the look and feel for the first issue of a brand new publication called TAYLOR MAGAZINE. You will be creating all of the magazine design including covers, recurring articles and feature pages.
- Only the body copy documents were supplied.
- Most of photographs are taken by myself and a few of the others were sourced from the net.
This magazine is available to view closer on Issuu -
So if you'd like to look more into it feel free to, it is only a one off though as it was a college assessment.
Thankyou and enjoy!