Tatoo & Art Typography

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  • A tattoo is print or designon the skin. Tattooing has been practiced for centuries in many cultures,particularly in asian countries, and spread throughout the world. Tattoo is aform of skin art, made by injecting indelible ink into the dermis layer of theskin to change the pigment. When the ink injects into the skin, the ink willbleed and spread on the surface. This reaction is demonstrated in thistypography. The colours used in this typo are not the conventional tattoo inkcolours. I wanted to show people that tattoos could be brightly coloured andstimulating. The colours are blended to complement each other. I found adesigner who has inspired me to create this typo; Supakitch, whom is also Koralie’slife partner. He has his own distinctive style in design, a very unique,creative and imaginative style. This type i’ve created is a freehand drawingstyle, and each word have its own meaning related to the art of tattoo. Atattoo can reflects one’s attitude and sometimes his or her life story.