Tasty Beveridge Cards

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  • Tasty Beveridge Business Cards
    Hand-made stationery
  • “You mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down with?”

    The simplistic idea came from my email address, itself a little joke / pop-culture reference (a line from Pulp Fiction, to be exact) I’d been carrying around for a while. The marque serves as a nod to my name and the fact that I work in an industry that revolves around the pixel. I created my own marque within a workspace of 20 by 20 pixels. For the cards I decided to go for something a bit tactile. The marque on a smooth stock might have lost its light-hearted roots. Now I’ve found that now matter how hard you network, you always end up with too many cards in your drawer. To cut down on waste I intended to only make as many as I’d need for the forseeable future. My solution was a custom-made stamp and some pre-cut recycled board sourced online. This way, when I start to run low, I can take a few minutes out to stamp some fresh ones. The result is a cost effective card which, to date, is always met with a smile by the recipient.