• TascheniPad app and website design
  • Taschen book publishing were looking to create an appliation that would act as a library for their extensive book releases of all kinds, as well as a reading platform. The application aims to present current news and event information based around the Taschen calendar of exhibitions and launches. A simple, stripped back interface allows the varied and rich content maintain its own integrity. From fine arts, fashion, design and film - a number of categories were accommodated in one user friendly experience.

    Alongside the designs of the Taschen iPad App I put togehter some core website designs that make full use of the rich imagery that Taschen' books are known for. The design aims to use full screen capabilities to add an immersive experience to the online bookshop. Each featured book page has its own style which would be key to the more high end, limited edition titles.

    (Designs and concepts were pitched to Taschen while working for Bluw i in 2010)
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