Target + Puffs

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    I was charged to create Halloween packaging and a style guide for Puffs tissues to be sold exclusively at Target. The target market for this line was moms who shop at Target, but we all know that when a little kid sees something they want when they go grocery shopping Mom listens. This idea was something that I was encouraged to keep in mind while designing this system.
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  • Ideation
    I started brainstorming by collecting as much Halloween inspiration as I could find. In addition, because I didn’t have a huge amount of experience in character illustration, I collected some of my favorite examples of characters and animated environments. 
    Brainstorming & Sketches
    After creating mood boards, I started my brainstorming process by writing out all types of inspiration from fall fashion trends to different pop culture phenomena. In addition I tried out different styles of characters to figure out the look of my characters regardless of the theme. I presented all of this to my supervisors and they were really responsive to a high school themed design.  
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  • Style Guide
    My high school theme blossomed into Ghoulsville High School, and it was such a joy to create the characters and their stories and personalities. After creating the characters, patterns, and their environments, I wrote guidelines for how a person creating collateral could use these elements in their own designs.
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