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Dr. Who Tardis bedside lamp made with perspex, drafted in AutoCAD.
Tardis Lamp
Putting some blue perspex to good use....
So I was in the workshop one day, and I noticed some small off-cuts of blue transparent perspex lying around. 

"That blue reminds me of something",  I thought...

So, seeing as my youngest son Harry (6) is a Doctor Who nut, I got to work on AutoCAD and made use of the Epilog Laser. OK, I took a few shortcuts with the roof, but there was only so much spare lying around.

I didn't want the lamp to be plugged into mains for safety reasons (I'm no electrician), so I thought why not fill it with cheap £5 Ikea fairy lights, and see the effect? 

Harry loves it, and I think the lights give it that Doctor Who vibe. It looks rather magical in the dark too. 

Now, to create a garden shed in the shape of the Tardis. I just need to figure out how to make it bigger on the inside....