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Logo design for a rafting agency. Branding and website design.
Tara is an exciting, wild and untamable river. Tear of Europe, as it is called, the Tara Canyon, with a depth of 1.3 kilometers takes second place on the world list, behind The Grand Canyon. 

The color of the river varies from deep blue to light turquoise depending on the weather conditions. The inspiration for the color was the river itself in one of its varieties.
The idea was to have a round, compact logo. That was the complete client’s brief and I was given all the creative freedom. My idea was to combine natural elements with modern look. I started with an idea of woodcut, a form of xylograph that represents its natural feel. The diagonal lines in logo should remind on that.
The goal was to have a simple style, yet effective and to be able to apply it in different branding variations. We have started with the website and stationary and here is the result. 
Website can be seen at
Webiste is responsive, wordpress custom theme. English version coming soon!