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Fish pattern for Figgjo tapas set. Client: Norwegian export council for Fish.
Commissioned work for the Norwegian export Council for Fish (http://

I created the profile pattern first for use on many different profile items like laptop bags and chef hats, then later on there was a request for a pattern for a tapas set by The decor on this set were created by separating some of the elements in the original pattern and putting them in a new context. I also played with making the pattern more 3D by putting it inside and outside of the dishes at the same time, giving it a bit of a fish tank feeling. 

There were some things I had to put into consideration when making the pattern, though. It had to have all three colors of the Council`s profile colors, and it had to show the main fish species for export, some shellfish (not too much), the cold sea, a fishing boat, and knife and fork.