Tame: A brand new Ecuadorian Airline.

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    TAME, Línea Aérea del Ecuador, commonly referred as Tame, is the Ecuadorian airline with itsheadquarters located in QuitoEcuador. The airlinewas founded on December 17 - 1962, one of its objective is to offer air transport for people and freight services to various cities in Ecuador as well as in one city in Colombia, Cali. 

    As a whole renovation of its image and business , Tame wanted to refresh its brand with a re/branding campaign which lasted 3 years. The new logo was desgined by Alma, an Ecuadorian design agency.

    Its new image reflects a wide vision, a freeand entrepeneur spirit.
  •  Before
  • The new identity
  • Construction of the new identity
  • Safe spots
  • The new color palette: more fresh and vivid
  • The new Airbus A360 with the new identity
  • Headsets for the new airplines
  • Uniforms