Talby by Marc Newson mobile phone Interface design

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  • "Talby" GUI Design and Art Direction

    In 2004 Marc Newson designed a mobile phone for the KDDI au Design Project called "Talby". KDDI wanted Marc to design the interface however the scope of the job required a dedicated team and I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity.

    I designed and art directed the main interface focusing on functionally and usability.

    Japanese mobile phone interfaces are often overly complicated and in many cases somewhat messy, my goal at the time was to create a cleaner, more modern and consistent interface that didn't lose its Japaneseness. This interface established a standard within KDDI and influenced many of handsets that have followed.

    "Talby" is the most successful au Design Project handset to date and has been featured in films, manga books and animation.
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  • 3 months work, redesigning 90% of all menus and screens, paying extreme level of attention to all details, typography, iconography, UX, IA. KDDI standardisation was only used where absolutely necessary, mainly due to technical restrictions and external services.
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