Take A Look Around

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  • Take A Look Around
    Collaboration between Henrik Dahlqvist & Henrik Edelbring
  • "Take A Look Around" is a collaboration between Hyper Island design students Henrik Dahlqvist and Henrik Edelbring.
    The breif was to create a short film that mixed live action footage, motion graphics and typography. The film could not be longer than 60 seconds.
    We decided to focus on the environment and point out a few important processes that one can't see, but plays an important role in our existence.

    We used a Canon 550D camera with a Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 and Canon 70-300mm F5.6-3.5 lens to film.
    The music is Minilogue - Outro (Animals CD2 - Ambient).

    Software: After Effects & Magic Bullet Looks.