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  • Tails Cocktails
  • The Brief
    The client wanted an eye-catching pack to launch their premium “Tails”. A ready mixed cocktail range which would offer the bar cocktail experience at home in a single bottle.

    The Challenge
    At Smallfry we developed the Tails brands as well as the product and individual flavour branding to support this premium cocktail experience. The pack is carefully shaped to epitomise the heritage of traditional cocktails shakers with a peel-off foil seal to keep the product fresh and included an authentic strainer to pour the chilled cocktail. The shaker is designed to provide additional space to allow the cocktail to be aerated by shaking.

    The Outcome
    Initially exclusively through Selfridges in London, Birmingham andManchester, the Tails cocktails
    have proved an instant hit
  • Under the Skin
    The iconic pack silhouette is an integral part of the new brand and was developed along side the ‘Tails’ logo and individual flavour identities to present a unique and memorable on-shelf impact. The colours and finishes provide a feeling of tradition whilst remaining contemporary and promoting the premium quality. The unusual pack requirements demanded an innovative two-stage closure that is integral to the final quality of the product as served. It also provides direct user interaction with the pack, making it an important part of the user’s experience of the Tails brand. To minimise the environmental impact, the pack was designed to be fully recyclable through post-consumer facilities. The design aims to minimise the use of material whilst providing an appropriate feeling of quality. The pack is also intended to be re-usable for cocktail making at home.