• TaherInvest
  • TaherInvest approached us to revitalize the narrative of their company's storied progress and innovation. We imagined a hyper-real, illustrative landscape, pinned to the underlying blueprint that has always catalyzed the brand. Tumbling though this space we capture the unfolding chronology of this brand's story, arising from the geography, transcending into photographic still lifes, and materializing yet again into the company's prospective undertakings. We gain insight to Taher's pioneering roles in current markets as well as their expansive contributions to future enterprises and social institutions.
    Client: TaherInvest
    Agency: Eco
    Produced by: Blend Studios
    Creative Director: Nick Waraksa
    Art Direction/Design/Animation: Michael Rigley
    Design: Jade Jariya
    Music/Sound: Garrett Schultz
  • Taher Style Frames