• Tagging
    Because images are not enough
  • Including tags into my pictures comes from the need of placing an anchor to the concept and meaning of the piece. Images can mean whatever we want them to but as soon as there is something, written down it will automatically reduce all the potential meanings. Every piece is basically conected by concept and visual styling.
  • We will never EVER have Paris.
  • Stay and try harder. (or take your memories and walk away)
  • my darling, who knew.
  • eyes no see. heart no feel.
  • You were my,
    Could have been,
    Should have been,
    But never was,
    And never will be...
  • TearsStream + a poem to you.
  • The chance to get to heaven slimmed.
  • I wrote the most beautiful things about you.
    Bet you didn't know.
  • Once for me. Once for someone new.
  • I love you. And i can say it in German too.
  • Karma ROCKS!
  • Nunca fueron felices. Jamas comieron perdices.
  • Holy Shit Hot Stuff - Public Beach Tucuns, Rio de Janeiro.
  • WalkItOut
  • CatchMe!
  • Yell It
  • Cold Wind BLows
  • Lovin' it.
  • HoldEm Texas
  • I never said a word ...
  • Un Believable.
  • Still Blazin.
  • Take Me Home
  • We See Things
  • Mi beautiful dog! Tony
  • Take it.
  • Speak truth.
  • i could cause i can so i do
  • Inside you're ugly
  • Lola loves complaining.
  • mini by me.
  • Making Plans.
  • The Mixtape
  • In Com Plete
  • She is Josephine